NATO Days 2011 – pokazy lotnicze
29 September 2011
The next edition of the NATO Days in the airport Mosnov / Ostrava and another record turnout. As they report , the organizers are more than 225 thousa...
Radom AirShow 2011
13 September 2011 , and
On 27-28 August 2011, in Radom held once again air show Radom Air Show 2011 . Of course , we could not miss it . The event was very successful . Every...
Czech International Air Fest 2011
9 September 2011
It's been 18th edition of the Czech International Air Fest - CIAF, which took place on 3-4.09.2011 at the airport in Hradec Kralove . And this time we...
Radom AirShow 2011 – przyloty i treningi
5 September 2011
On 27-28 August 2011 in Radom held another demonstration Air Show 2011. In the two previous days (ie 25-26 August 2011) above the aerodrome traffic wa...
Slovak International Air Fest 2011
3 September 2011
On 27-28 August 2011 at the military airport in Slovakia Sliace held air shows SIAF , 2011. The presentation was attended by representatives of aviati...
23. Baza Lotnictwa Taktycznego
23 July 2011
On July 19, 2011, we had the opportunity to visit 23 Tactical Air Base in Minsk Mazowiecki. On this day we accompanied Polish fighters during the afte...
Boeing 787 Dreamliner w Warszawie
28 June 2011
On 24 June 2011, the Warsaw was visited by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner . The machine flew straight from the show of Paris. Around 10:00 am the plane fle...
Irak & Afganistan w obiektywie
28 December 2010
Have a look at photojournalism from Iraq and Afghanistan. These are countries in Asia, the temperature during the day is very high, and in addition th...