Baltic Bees Jet Team – Air-to-Air
  1 December 2015


Baltic Bees Jet Team
Ryga, Poznań, International Airspace
Photo equipment
Canon EOS 1D X, Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS UMS, Canon EF 100-400mm f/4-5.6 L IS USM

Baltic Bees Jet Team is one of the youngest civilian aerobatic teams. However, they have built up a reputation and are recognizable across Europe. They fly 6xL-39 Albatros aircrafts. The maximum speed of this machine is 900km/h, and a climb speed is 22m/s. Baltic Bees’s planes are painted in a distinctive color brand similar to real bee scheme. Baltic Bees pilots have been flying thousands of hours, including both aerobatic airplanes as well as the military. What is wort mentioning, Baltic Bees team is open to the public – you can take aerobatic flight with them, which is unique and rare in Europe.

Thanks to the cooperation with the team we had the opportunity to accompany pilots on the flight from Latvia to Poznan on board of their L-39. We took of from Jurmala (near Rygii) and through the clouds we ascended to cruising altitude FL250. During the climbing we were flying all the time in a “Diamond Trail” formation – two triples falling into each other, keeping a very close distance between planes. I flew by plane with no. 5 together with Valery Sobolev – it was the best position to shoot the team, because during the climb or low-pass there were visible all machines. In cooperation with Valery we performed communication within the team to get the proper photographic results. Fighter flying is an amazing experience – both in terms of shooting photos and experience the capabilities of a machine – you can feel its immense power, despite its small size.

We invite you to have a look at Air-to-Air shots from a photo shoot done with the team during the arrival to Aerofestival AirShow (on route Jurmala – Poznan) – here are unique photos that have not yet been presented on the internet. In the gallery we also present a couple of shots realized in cooperation with the team during show at the airport Ławica. We also encourage you to read the extended version of the text with the photographs in our publication in the PL Aviation Revue 8/2015.

Our partner during photoshoot was: