Tomasz Lechowski

A true aviation journeyman - both airshows, as well as exotic locations are seen by him as a destination. You may meet him at most of the European air shows. He is determined to cover even 20 thousand kilometers per year in his car.

Luchtmachtdagen 2016
3 July 2016
In June, the Netherlands, at the air base Luchtmachtdagen held air shows Dutch Air Force. The undoubted highlight was the demonstration of the dynamic...
Frisian Flag 2015
1 May 2015
As every year in early April we visit an air base in Leeuwarden (RNLAF) in the north of the Netherlands. On 13-24 April 2015  FRISIAN FLAG 15 exercise...
Roma International AirShow 2014
6 August 2014
On 28-29 June 2014 on the beach in Ostia on the Tyrrhenian Sea, which is part of the area of Rome were organized air show "ROMA INTERNATIONAL AIRSHOW ...
80-lecie Armee de l’air
3 August 2014
On 5-6 July, on grounds of the Air Base 133rd French Air Force Nancy-Ochey, where every day stationed three wing fighter Mirage-2000 was organized air...
Ronneby F17 AirShow 2014
7 June 2014
On June 1st 2014 at Swedish Air Force airbase in the F17 at Ronneby was organized an airshow in which the theme was the 70th anniversary of the Tactic...
ILA Berlin AirShow 2014 – podsumowanie
27 May 2014 , and
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014 is one of the largest air show, which took place on 20-25 May 2014. Entire event has tremendous momentum, and the organization...
Frisian Flag 2014
18 May 2014
Between 31.03-11.04 in the northern part of the Netherlands took place one of the largest exercises of NATO air forces - "FRISIAN FLAG 2014". Airport ...
Amsterdam (EHAM) w obiektywie
22 December 2013
By the way on the air Nato exercises - Frisian Flag in the Netherlands we decided to visit Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport. It is one of the largest airp...
Luchtmachtdagen AirShow 2013 – część 2
18 December 2013
Luchtmachtdagen Airshow is one of the best and most interesting European aviation events. In the 2013 years was held on 14-15 June, and was connected ...
Luchtmachtdagen AirShow 2013 – część 1
16 December 2013
Luchtmachtdagen Airshow - Volkel airbase on 14-15 June 2013 (part 1) - the event really needs no introduction! Professional organization, a large numb...
Airpower 2013 – pokazy lotnicze
12 December 2013
Airpower 2013 - Zeltweg, Austria - air shows, which needs no introduction. Organized every two years are regarded as one of the largest in Europe in t...