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Radom Air Show 2017
31 August 2017 and
Radom Air Show is the largest Air Show in Poland. This year, the event took place between Aug. 26. and 27. at the Radom Air Port, gathering a lot of a...
3 April 2017
The Iniohos 2017 exercise, which is being hosted - it will be over tomorrow at the time of my writing -  at Greece’s Andravida Air Base, featured a co...
Tech it to the sky – F-35 vs F-22
10 October 2016
A step of great importance that will mark the history of aviation, at least English, was the F-35 debut, the latest a/c  of the Lockheed Martin, the J...
10 Years F-16 in the Polish Air Force – photo session
27 August 2016
Collaboration with the General Command of the Armed Forces enabled us to take part in a photo-shoot organized on 10th Anniversary of introduction of t...
F-15s – 48th Fighter Wing
29 April 2016
RAF Lakenheath Air Base is home for the F-15s from 48th Fighter Wing of United States Air Force. At the base, stationed are both single- and two-seate...
Joint Warrior 2015 – operacje AAR
25 January 2016
Thanks to our cooperation with  Luftwaffe and Flugbereitschaft BMVg, at the beginning of October we had the opportunity to participate in Joint Warrio...
Baltic Bees Jet Team – Air-to-Air
1 December 2015
Baltic Bees Jet Team is one of the youngest civilian aerobatic teams. However, they have built up a reputation and are recognizable across Europe. The...
Eurofighter at AirShow 2015 – photo contest
9 September 2015
  We cordially invite you to participate in a photo competition organized by aviation portal Foto Poork in cooperation with partners - Eurofi...
MiG-29s are back to 23rd TAB
27 July 2015
On July 22, 2015., after almost 4 months of absence, to 23 Tactical Air Base returned the MiGs-29. Their absence was caused by renovation of the runwa...