Gianluca Storti

Blue Flag 2019
8 February 2020
Air diplomacy back to work in the Negev desert. For the first time, fifth generation assets belonging to both the Israeli Air Force and the Italian Ai...
Royal International Air Tattoo 2019
22 August 2019
Zeroing in on Fairford? I already had the fuse in my hand ... It is not so easy and obvious, in fact it could be a stupid mistake, like having the arr...
Anatolian Eagle 2019
18 August 2019
After two years of absence, Anatolian Eagle held its annual international exercise organized by the Turkish Air Force, which was attended by Italy, th...
TLP 2.0 – Era officially begins
29 June 2019
After 40 years of activity, 2019 is a special year for the TLP Tactical Leadership Program of Albacete. With the Flying Course 2019-1 the experimentat...
NATO Tiger Meet 2019
1 June 2019
The airbase BA118 of Mont-de-Marsan last may opened the doors to one of the best known NATO exercises: the Tiger Meet.The "Tiger Meet" is an exercise ...
22 May 2019
What are the components so that a complex exercise like Iniohos is a good investment of time and resources, both productive, profitable and fruitful, ...
Clear Sky 2018
12 November 2018
Ukraine hosted for the first time a multinational exercise named “Clear Sky 2018” . On Oct. 6, 2018, U.S.A.F. F-15C’s Eagles, belonging to the 194t...
Fighter Weapon School in Greece
10 October 2018
In the low sunlight of this November morning, two couples of F-4E’s belonging to 338th Mira "Aris" unit slide away as if in a silent movie for one of ...
Royal International Air Tattoo 2018
2 August 2018 and
The RIAT 2018 marked the celebrations of the 100th Anniversary of the Royal Air Force, with a public record of 185,000 people, in a beautiful area, ad...
Duxford AirShow 2018
25 July 2018
Duxford is a homecoming for me, I could have copied the title from a song by U2, but I have bothered the stones to whom I am closer by age: a dive int...
KADEX 2018
5 July 2018 and
There are at least two reasons that led me to choose the parody of the race to the west: tells the fame that many immigrants who had not had any luck ...