Filip Modrzejewski

Chief Editor of the Foto Poork aviation outlet. He has accumulated huge amounts of Air-to-Air photography experience, logging more than 500 hours of photo-shoots in the air. Moreover, he has been into photography ever since, and he is striving to bring unusual photos back from any of the unique events he attends.

Berlin ILA AirShow 2012 – wystawa statyczna
27 September 2012
On 10-16 September in Berlin held aviation fair ILA Berlin 2012, along with dynamic demonstrations of air and very rich static exhibition, which look ...
Wywiad z pil. Regisem Hancook’iem
28 August 2012
When did your adventure with flying started ? I started to fly at the beginning of the U.S. Air Force . Then , while in collage I had my own plane , ...
Szybowcowe Przed-Mistrzostwa Świata Juniorów 2012
12 August 2012
Between 1 - August 12, 2012 in Leszno held Gliding Pre- World Junior Championship (Pre - JWGC 2013 ) . The event took place at Central Gliding School ...
2. Grupa Poszukiwawczo-Ratownicza
7 June 2012 and
Minsk Mazowiecki is known mainly from the Mig-29, stationed at that base. However, in the 23th Air Base also stationed helicopters (W-3 Sokol and Mi-2...
23. Baza Lotnictwa Taktycznego
On 1 June 2012, we decided to visit 23 Tactical Air Base in Minsk Mazowiecki. We chose this day hoping to intense arrivals and training for the picnic...
Gdańsk – Rębiechowo w obiektywie
18 April 2012
With the airline OLT Express, which organized a press conference at the airport in Gdansk, we had the opportunity to spend some time at the airport. O...
Orkiestrolot 2012
15 January 2012
XX Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity is behind us. This year (2012 ) was held on Sunday January 8 . Just like a year ago, the Foundation has worked...
Radom AirShow 2011
13 September 2011 , and
On 27-28 August 2011, in Radom held once again air show Radom Air Show 2011 . Of course , we could not miss it . The event was very successful . Every...
23. Baza Lotnictwa Taktycznego
23 July 2011
On July 19, 2011, we had the opportunity to visit 23 Tactical Air Base in Minsk Mazowiecki. On this day we accompanied Polish fighters during the afte...
Boeing 787 Dreamliner w Warszawie
28 June 2011
On 24 June 2011, the Warsaw was visited by the Boeing 787 Dreamliner . The machine flew straight from the show of Paris. Around 10:00 am the plane fle...