Filip Modrzejewski

Chief Editor of the Foto Poork aviation outlet. He has accumulated huge amounts of Air-to-Air photography experience, logging more than 500 hours of photo-shoots in the air. Moreover, he has been into photography ever since, and he is striving to bring unusual photos back from any of the unique events he attends.

Red Bull Air Race 2014
19 August 2014 and
On 26-27 July 2014, in Gdynia held Red Bull Air Race 2014. Organizationally, the event was very well prepared - a good logistic facilities and to make...
Warszawa z powietrza
16 August 2014
In July, in cooperation with the SkyPoland we had the opportunity to make several flights over the city to perform aerial photographs of the capital f...
Embraer E170 LOTu w malowaniu Disney
15 August 2014
In mid-July, LOT Polish Airlines announced a new painting of one of his Embraer E170 - this time in collaboration with the Disney films. Painting refe...
23. Baza Lotnicza – Summer edition
7 July 2014 and
In early July, we went to 23rd Tactical Air Base to photograph the day-night flights that were scheduled in the training of pilots. High temperatures ...
Air Force One w Warszawie
4 June 2014 and
On 3-4 June 2014, flew to Warsaw with the official delegation of the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. His visit is also associ...
ILA Berlin AirShow 2014 – podsumowanie
27 May 2014 , and
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014 is one of the largest air show, which took place on 20-25 May 2014. Entire event has tremendous momentum, and the organization...
RetroJet LOTu – prezentacja E175
5 April 2014
April 4, 2014 at the airport in Warsaw, LOT presented special jubilee painting one of his Emreabers 175. The aircraft with registration marks SP-LIE r...
Night knight – 23rd Tactical Air Base
25 February 2014 and
This year we had the opportunity to open the season at military airports in 23 Tactical Air Base in Minsk Mazowiecki during the day-night flights . It...
Dzień w 23. Bazie Lotnictwa Taktycznego
12 February 2014
Dzień w 23. Bazie Lotnictwa Taktycznego – trailer
2 February 2014
Eurocopter i Jaguar – sesja zdjęciowa
3 December 2013
At the end of September , thanks to the cooperation with we were able to achieve a photoshoot JAGUAR F -Type , which is commonly called ...