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EC-120 SkyPoland
21 August 2020
Eurocopter EC-120 is a new flagship in the fleet of Sky Poland - one of the oldest aviation companies in Poland. Until now their fleet consisted of Ro...
EC-135 – Polish Medical Air Rescue
8 August 2020
"We fly to save lives" - this sentence is a theme of Polish Medical Air Rescue. Thanks to amazing cooperation with crews we had the ability to get to ...
Polish Medical Air Rescue
6 August 2016
Thanks to the fact that we have established a great connection with the Polish HEMS, we had a chance to accompany the Ratownik 12 crew during a day at...
Polish HEMS – Air-to-Air
24 October 2015
Thanks to the cooperation with polish HEMS we had the opportunity to realize an Air-to-Air photo shoot with rescue H-135 helicopter over Warsaw and su...
ILA Berlin AirShow 2014 – podsumowanie
27 May 2014 , and
ILA Berlin Airshow 2014 is one of the largest air show, which took place on 20-25 May 2014. Entire event has tremendous momentum, and the organization...
Eurocopter i Jaguar – sesja zdjęciowa
3 December 2013
At the end of September , thanks to the cooperation with we were able to achieve a photoshoot JAGUAR F -Type , which is commonly called ...
Eurocopter EC-725 Caracal w Warszawie
4 September 2013
On 26 August 2013 at the airport in Warsaw Babice was a Eurocopter EC725 helicopter presentation Caracal for the media and people in the aviation indu...
Eurocopter EC-145 w obiektywie
31 July 2013
We are pleased to announce that as the only carrier in Poland has in its fleet of Eurocopter EC145 helicopter . Fleet was...
Eurocopter EC-130 w obiektywie
24 July 2013
Take a look at the photoreport about the modern helicopter - Eurocopter EC130 , which we realized in collaboration with in Warsaw and Wl...
Husair Aviation w obiektywie
10 July 2013
Take a look at some pictures of the helicopter Eurocopter EC-135, belonging to the company Husair Aviation, done at the beginning of July at the Warsa...
Berlin ILA 2012 – pokazy dynamiczne
30 September 2012
On 10-16 September 2012 in Berlin held one of the largest Air Show in Europe coupled with excellent air shows. The air in August include Polish Mig-29...