Royal International Air Tattoo 2019
22 August 2019
Zeroing in on Fairford? I already had the fuse in my hand ... It is not so easy and obvious, in fact it could be a stupid mistake, like having the arr...
Anatolian Eagle 2019
18 August 2019
After two years of absence, Anatolian Eagle held its annual international exercise organized by the Turkish Air Force, which was attended by Italy, th...
Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training
1 August 2019
Sheppard Air Force Base is located in north Texas in United States, but only USAF pilots are being trained there - this is a home for many NATO's coun...
Sky Safety Flight Academy
26 July 2019
Have you even wondered what are the differences between flight training in USA comparing to Europe? This is quite hot topic, because of significant di...
Victory Aviation – S-211 Marchetti
12 July 2019
Każde dziecko marzy o tym, by zostać pilotem myśliwca, lecz niestety nie każde realizuje swoje marzenia. Ale nie trzeba być pilotem wojskowym,...
TLP 2.0 – Era officially begins
29 June 2019
After 40 years of activity, 2019 is a special year for the TLP Tactical Leadership Program of Albacete. With the Flying Course 2019-1 the experimentat...
Beechcraft Debonair
15 June 2019
Samoloty kupuje się do wielu celów – do szkolenia, akrobacji, lotów turystycznych lub do podnoszenia własnych umiejętności pilotażowych i podtrzymywan...
NATO Tiger Meet 2019
1 June 2019
The airbase BA118 of Mont-de-Marsan last may opened the doors to one of the best known NATO exercises: the Tiger Meet.The "Tiger Meet" is an exercise ...
22 May 2019
What are the components so that a complex exercise like Iniohos is a good investment of time and resources, both productive, profitable and fruitful, ...
British Aerobatic Academy
2 April 2019
In the mid-February we have met with Polish pilot - Maciej Kulaszewski, who flies everyday in the only british aviation school - British Aerobatic Aca...
Baltic Air Policing
Baltic Air Policing 2019-1
Thanks to amazing cooperation with Lithuanian and Polish Air Force we were able to take aerial pictures during current rotation of Baltic Air Policing...