Filip Modrzejewski

Chief Editor of the Foto Poork aviation outlet. He has accumulated huge amounts of Air-to-Air photography experience, logging more than 500 hours of photo-shoots in the air. Moreover, he has been into photography ever since, and he is striving to bring unusual photos back from any of the unique events he attends.

Berlin ILA AirShow 2016
3 July 2016
Jakiś opis galeria Our partner during photoshoot was: ...
Warsaw on air
26 June 2016
Thanks to cooperation with SkyPoland and the 1st Transport Aviation Base as well as General Command of the Polish Armed Forces, we had the unique oppo...
Autogyro J-RO Air-2-Air
23 June 2016
Thanks to the cooperation with the PL Aviation Revue, we have carried out an aerial photo session of Air-to-Air with a J-RO gyroplane on the backgroun...
BALTOPS 16 Exercise
10 June 2016
It is the beginning of June, in Poland 2 main exercises are being held - ANAKONDA16 and BALTOPS16. In the morning I arrive to 33rd Air Base in Powidz ...
NATO Tiger Meet 2016 – Polish F-16 Jets
22 May 2016
Here, you may take a look at the shots depicting the Polish F-16 Jastrząb fighter aircraft involved in the NATO Tiger Meet 2016 exercise. The event to...
Baltic Air Policing
Baltic Air Policing block 39
18 May 2016
This is next time we visit the air base of the Lithuanian Air Force in Siauliai, knowing that any  visit was preceded by a large preparations and requ...
Polish Police – Air to Air with Bell-412HP
15 May 2016
Police helicopters have always been, are and will be needed - it is beyond doubt. While in Poland they are not used as intensively as in the USA, they...
Bombardier C-Series w Warszawie
23 March 2016
On 22nd March 2016 at the Chopin Airport arrived for the first time Bombardier C-Series 100 aircraft. This flight took place as part of the final phas...
Prezentacja nowości fotograficznych Canon
22 February 2016
Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish....
Joint Warrior 2015 – AAR operations
4 February 2016
Joint Warrior 2015 – operacje AAR
25 January 2016
Thanks to our cooperation with  Luftwaffe and Flugbereitschaft BMVg, at the beginning of October we had the opportunity to participate in Joint Warrio...