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From 0 to aerobatics with Maher Zaher
13 September 2019
"If you are gifted a dream, you have been provided the tools with it". SANAD Aerotech (located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) have shown an ex...
Breitling Jet Team – back to school
2 September 2019
Every child dream of becoming a pilot, especially a fighter pilot. Some of them fulfilled their dreams flying in multiple airforces around the world, ...
Euro NATO Joint Jet Pilot Training
1 August 2019
Sheppard Air Force Base is located in north Texas in United States, but only USAF pilots are being trained there - this is a home for many NATO's coun...
Victory Aviation – S-211 Marchetti
12 July 2019
Każde dziecko marzy o tym, by zostać pilotem myśliwca, lecz niestety nie każde realizuje swoje marzenia. Ale nie trzeba być pilotem wojskowym,...
Beechcraft Debonair
15 June 2019
Samoloty kupuje się do wielu celów – do szkolenia, akrobacji, lotów turystycznych lub do podnoszenia własnych umiejętności pilotażowych i podtrzymywan...
British Aerobatic Academy
2 April 2019
In the mid-February we have met with Polish pilot - Maciej Kulaszewski, who flies everyday in the only british aviation school - British Aerobatic Aca...
Dark Falcon – F-16 Demo Team
2 February 2019
It’s not always when you see an aircraft at it amazes you from the first look. But this is the impression when one see a newly painted F-16 of Belgian...
Fighter Weapon School in Greece
10 October 2018
In the low sunlight of this November morning, two couples of F-4E’s belonging to 338th Mira "Aris" unit slide away as if in a silent movie for one of ...
Polish Air Force – MiG-29
5 May 2015
Sorry, this entry is only available in Polish....
Wywiad z pil. Regisem Hancook’iem
28 August 2012
When did your adventure with flying started ? I started to fly at the beginning of the U.S. Air Force . Then , while in collage I had my own plane , ...