From 0 to aerobatics with Maher Zaher
  13 September 2019

“If you are gifted a dream, you have been provided the tools with it”.

SANAD Aerotech (located in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates) have shown an example of just that. Moving from 12 shop visit Engine shop to 70 and eventually a massive 190 Engines per year. Managing this immense change successfully was down to the will and belief to make dreams happen.

Furthermore, yet another innovative branding idea. This was a Maher Zaher initiative to advertise the new organization logo, in style, by obtaining his PPL and Aerobatic license. However, this road was not easy and dramatically challenging and the aim to most people was unrealistic, considering the amount of flying hours, all the exams, the skills test, ground school, etc…

Today and with the appreciation of hundreds of pilots from around the world, Maher Zaher has overcome every challenge and become a private and aerobatic pilot and working even harder to be present in many airshows. This is an inspiration, nothing is impossible, you just have to believe. A person have to just tie their goals to objectives and work hard to make it happen.

Of the many insporational stories we knew about through history this is another one offered to us by SANAD Aerotech. We will keep you updated of what happen next.

In the meantime, take a look for a few photos from flight training!