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Extra 300LX – Maciej Kulaszewski
2 August 2023
Flying with aerobatic aircraft always brings great results - especially when you fly with a World Champion! We met Maciej Kulaszewski in June to photo...
Cellfast Flying Team
15 July 2023
We know each other very well with the Cellfast Flying Team and from time to time we have the opportunity to fly together for various shoots, including...
PZL 101 Gawron – FBCS
27 June 2023
The White-Red Wings Foundation is known for restoring older aircraft produced in Poland. In addition to the AN-2 or TS-11 Iskras in their fleet, they ...
D-Day 79th Anniversary
9 June 2023
Every year, a lot of people commemorate the soldiers killed in Normandy who fought in World War II during what is known as D-Day. For the US Air Force...
Tiger Moth over UK
12 March 2023
Tiger Moth is a classic historical aircraft, which is probably known to everyone. Bi-plane airframe, open cockpit as well as aerobatic capabilities ma...
Cessna 206 STOL
2 July 2022
Cessną 206 Stationair is a very popular airframe, that can be found also everywhere in the world. However Cessna 206 SP-SPN, which we had the pleasure...
4x Cellfast Flying Team
14 September 2021
Cellfast Flying Team is a popular formation flying team in Polish, which was formed many years ago. From 2021 year, the team is flying with 4 aircraft...
3x Cellfast Flying Team
5 January 2021
We know ourselves with Cellfast Flying Team for quite a while, but only recently we had the opportunity to make a dedicated photo flight of a team in ...
British Aerobatic Academy
2 April 2019
In the mid-February we have met with Polish pilot - Maciej Kulaszewski, who flies everyday in the only british aviation school - British Aerobatic Aca...
3AT3 Aerobatic Team
20 July 2016
3AT3 Formation Flying Team is an aerobatic group, flying the Aero AT-3 aircraft. Thanks to the mutual trust established between us and the team, we ha...