Reaching the sky – book
  23 December 2018

On November 14th 2018 there was an official premier of our newest and biggest publication on the occasion of 100 Years of Polish Military Aviation! „Reaching the sky” is almost 300 pages with best of the best Air-to-Air pictures of aircraft and helicopters of Polish Armed Foces taken in more then 35 aerial photoshoots.


Bartosz Bera and Filip Modrzejewski are the authors of this book and have also cooperation with Maciej Lipinski (portrait shots) and Marcin Gorecki (side drawings of aircraft). The book was published by Warbook with a great help of main sponsor – LOTOS Air-BP Poland. Many thanks to all who made this publication possible!


An album published on the centenary of Polish Army Aviation. Airplanes and helicopters come alive in the hands of pilots. These unique objects become dangerous predators or workhorses. The present album contains photographs of all types of aircraft employed under the emblem of the white-and-red checkerboard in contemporary use. They perform varied tasks but all have one purpose – ensure safety for Poland and its citizens. It is a unique work comprising a complete, photographic image of the aviation section of the Republic of Poland’s Armed Forces, supplemented with drawings depicting painting each of the machines and portraits of people connected with aviation.


The book is available in EMPIK shops and other stores in Poland and whole Europe! Please take a look at the details:,p1217597109,ksiazka-p


We would also like to thank Canon Poland and Proclub for technical suport and providing us with the newest photographic equipment.