Duxford Flying Legends 2012
  2 July 2012

Time for another relationship from Duxford . This time, the airport located near Cambridge hosted the largest in Europe shows the historical aircraft . This year, the undisputed star of the event was the first public demonstration of the restored ( by The Fighter Collection) P -47 G- 10 Thunderbolt ( Snafu ) – the aircraft wears the color copy belonging to the 78th Fighter Group, which during the war was stationed at the same airport. Among the other participants in the demonstrations do not run out of aircraft permanently based at Duxford , such as , among others, B- 17G ” Sally B”, P- 51D ” Miss Velma ” and ” Ferocious Frankie , Ha -112 Buchon , Hawker Nimrod . Additionally, the airport stood 9 Spitfire -ow including three versions MK 1 !
With foreign visitors once again be able to admire the Ju -52 with Lufthansa and P -39 belonging to the Red Bull – and , in addition to What ( 3M , 9um and 11), Corsair , Sea animal , P -40 B and F , Hawk 75 , there were also a group of acrobatic Breitling Wingwalkers . One of the most exotic visitors was the only being in use today boat-flying Sikorsky S- 38, which flew the northern route across the Atlantic from the United States . Weather typically English, or a mixture of rain and a beautiful cloudless sky.