Antonov AN-2 and Douglas DC-3 Daisy – Air-to-Air
  8 August 2017


White-Red Wings Foundation
Mazurian Airfields
6 August 2017
Photo equipment
Canon EOS 1D X, Canon EF 24-70mm f/4 L IS USM

Thanks to collaboration with the White-Red Wings Foundation and with Flygande Veteraner, we had a chance to carry out a unique, historical air-to-air photoshoot, depicting Antonov AN-2 and Douglas DC-3 „Daisy” flying together. The shoot took place over the beaautiful Masurian landscape, with the Cessna C172 serving as a photoship. Even though we had to face time-constraints, at the stage of preparations as well as during the shoot which lasted only about 7 minutes, we have been able to capture both aircraft flying in one formation. We are very grateful and we would like to thank all of the pilots for their assistance and involvement. The shots will be published in the Swedish Flygande Veteraner magazine. See you soon, in the air!

Our partners during photoshoot were:


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