Kleine Brogel – Spottersday 2013
  21 November 2013

On 13 and 15 September 2013 in Belgium was organized Sanicola Airshow 2013 . We decided to be present on September 14, 2013 in Kleine Brogel air base , where was organized ” Spottersday ” . This database was home airport for machines participating in shows Sanicole airshow. After a long journey from Polish Belgium greeted us with rain and total cloud cover in the sky. Moisture in the air floating promised interesting effects , for which We missed a little after the solar months of demonstrations airports. Assumed in advance that the rainy weather will not interrupt arrivals machines that were on this day coached , æ what we were hoping for ! From rainy morning , after the windy and cloudy south to sunny evening – so you can summarize this very interesting for us today air .  And we invite you to photojournalism with Spottersday 2013 Kleine Brogel base . Next year there will definitely be going back 🙂