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Dark Falcon – F-16 Demo Team
2 February 2019
It’s not always when you see an aircraft at it amazes you from the first look. But this is the impression when one see a newly painted F-16 of Belgian...
Fighter Weapon School in Greece
10 October 2018
In the low sunlight of this November morning, two couples of F-4E’s belonging to 338th Mira "Aris" unit slide away as if in a silent movie for one of ...
NATO Tiger Meet 2017
5 June 2017
Landing at Brest in the late afternoon of wednesday, watching the intense green of the french countryside, the airport's windsock stretched and horizo...
3 April 2017
The Iniohos 2017 exercise, which is being hosted - it will be over tomorrow at the time of my writing -  at Greece’s Andravida Air Base, featured a co...
Tech it to the sky – F-35 vs F-22
10 October 2016
A step of great importance that will mark the history of aviation, at least English, was the F-35 debut, the latest a/c  of the Lockheed Martin, the J...
Joint Warrior 2015 – operacje AAR
25 January 2016
Thanks to our cooperation with  Luftwaffe and Flugbereitschaft BMVg, at the beginning of October we had the opportunity to participate in Joint Warrio...
Baltic Bees Jet Team – Air-to-Air
1 December 2015
Baltic Bees Jet Team is one of the youngest civilian aerobatic teams. However, they have built up a reputation and are recognizable across Europe. The...