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TLP 2.0 – Era officially begins
29 June 2019
After 40 years of activity, 2019 is a special year for the TLP Tactical Leadership Program of Albacete. With the Flying Course 2019-1 the experimentat...
NATO Tiger Meet 2018
30 May 2018 , and
On the base of Poznan-Krzesiny the NATO exercise called "Tiger Meet", which began on May 14, ended on May 25th. I had prepared since so long to attend...
Radom Air Show 2017
31 August 2017 and
Radom Air Show is the largest Air Show in Poland. This year, the event took place between Aug. 26. and 27. at the Radom Air Port, gathering a lot of a...
Baltic Air Policing
Ramstein Alloy 4
25 April 2017
Ramstein Alloy 4 is a cotinuous exercise organized by NATO in Baltic states together with fighters taking part in Baltic Air Policing rotations. Aircr...
European Air Refueling Training 2017
29 March 2017
At the end of March we have been involved in the EART 2017 (European Air Refueling Training) exercise taking place in Eindhoven, observing the AAR ope...
Baltic Air Policing
Baltic Region Training Event 22
27 December 2015
View of the Hungarian armed fighters, JAS-39 Gripen, from an airplane window is an unusual and beautiful view. They have not appeared in the air "just...
Radom AirShow 2015 – night photos
24 November 2015
AirShow Radom attracted nearly 200,000 viewers of Polish and abroad. These two weekend days of August were an opportunity for closer contact with avia...
Radom AirShow 2015 – airshow
21 November 2015
Air Show Radom 2015 attracted nearly 200,000 viewers. These two weekend days of August were an opportunity for closer contact with aviation, both for ...
Eurofighter at AirShow 2015 – photo contest (results)
29 September 2015
We would like to announce winners of Eurofighter Typhoon photo contest. The entries number and level was quite high and it wasn't easy to chooser the ...
Eurofighter at AirShow 2015 – photo contest
9 September 2015
  We cordially invite you to participate in a photo competition organized by aviation portal Foto Poork in cooperation with partners - Eurofi...
SIAF 2012 – pokazy dynamiczne
15 September 2012
In early September, at the airport in Slovakia Sliace held demonstrations Slovak International Air Fest - SIAF , 2012. 1-2 September 2012 - this date...