100 Years of Polish Military Aviation – Air-to-Air project
15 January 2018
In 2018 year in Poland there are the celebration of 100 Years of Polish Military Aviation that are connected to multiple events promoting the Polish A...
Aviation Detachment 18-1
20 November 2017
Starting from Oct. 13. this year, the Polish Powidz AB (33rd Airlift Base) was hosting the US airlift aviation crews flying the C-130 Hercules aircraf...
Radom Air Show 2017
31 August 2017 and
Radom Air Show is the largest Air Show in Poland. This year, the event took place between Aug. 26. and 27. at the Radom Air Port, gathering a lot of a...
Gdynia Aerobaltic 2017
16 August 2017 and
Gdynia Aerobatic powered by LOTOS Air BP is a new and unique air show in Poland, since alongside the daytime displays, it also features a night part, ...
3AT3 over the clouds – Air-to-Air
14 August 2017
Collaborating with the White-Red Wings Foundation and the 3AT3 Formation Flying Team we have executed an air-to-air shoot with the 3AT3 team above the...
Antonov AN-2 and Douglas DC-3 Daisy – Air-to-Air
8 August 2017
Thanks to collaboration with the White-Red Wings Foundation and with Flygande Veteraner, we had a chance to carry out a unique, historical air-to-air ...
MAKS AirShow 2017
1 August 2017
In mid-July we have attended the Moscow MAKS Aviasalon, organized at the Zhukovskiy/Ramenskoe airfield. MAKS is one of a few occasions, on which it re...
NATO Tiger Meet 2017
5 June 2017
Landing at Brest in the late afternoon of wednesday, watching the intense green of the french countryside, the airport's windsock stretched and horizo...
Chipmunk i Harvard warbirds – Air-to-Air
17 May 2017
Chipmunk and Harvard - a rare sight for the air-to-air photographers. Thanks to our fruitful collaboration with the pilots, we have been able to organ...
3AT3 Formation Flying Team – Air-to-Air
Thanks to our relationship with the 3AT3 Formation Flying Team we had a chance to organize a unique photoshoot over the Polish Mazury Lake district. T...
Greek RF4 Phantom farewell
On 4th May we have attended the official Phantom Pharewell event held by the Hellenic Air Force, Not only were the Phantoms flying, as other fighters ...